There’s a blog post just before this one, it was written over a year ago.

It’s funny now to see what my mindset was just three weeks into a pandemic I decided to play with the idea of blogging again. What I wrote there was earnest, if somewhat na├»ve.

Being home all the time was an opportunity to be more productive.

Many people tried to backfill lockdown with all sorts of hobbies. The sourdough bread craze leapt into the forefront.

What “three weeks in” Chris didn’t grasp is that lockdown was difficult to do anything at all beyond just survival.

At work, we got the call March 13, 2020 that the office was locking down. I had taken four days of vacation that week, so my last day in the office was actually March 10. We worked extremely hard that weekend to get the entire enterprise up and ready for remote work by Monday morning.

And then things went oddly quiet. For about six weeks the majority of people in the office, those with no real experience working remotely, tried to figure out the new normal.

Somewhere around the six week mark (about three weeks after that blog post) more comfortable with Zoom and email as the primary communications methods, the flood gates opened and we were busier than we ever had been. That’s not exaggeration.

On the home front, in a house full of people having their own struggles with lockdown, there never seemed to be time to do anything other than hang on.

And so that post basically saying “Man this is fantastic, in lockdown I have so much time for THINGS!” is largely just a fantasy. Nothing got done.

What now?

So now it’s July 2021, the world is inexplicably open again. What now?

Now we begin.

I’ve had thoughts recently about something I’m calling “The Tyrrany of Until”. That is, I can’t do X until Y.

I want to start a writing habit, as I think it will help me mentally and emotionally to be able to create instead of consume, but it’s been “I can’t start writing until…” with an increasingly ludicrous set of excuses.

So now I’m going to change the way I approach things. Any time I think “until” I have to restate it so that I’m going to start now, and the “until” is on the second step.

I can write, I’m doing it now, so simply sitting down and writing the “vomit draft” of a blog post is not all that hard. Maybe the excuses are on the editing phase now, and maybe I don’t ever publish anything, but I’ve gone from doing nothing to doing something.

Do it now, make excuses later.