Wasted Opportunities

Wasted Opportunities

Pandemics, apocalypse, and opportunity.

Maybe, just maybe, I should be using this time more wisely.

How we got here

I write this on the morning of April 2nd, 2020, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Since March 13, almost three weeks ago, I’ve only left the house with intent thre times.

Two of those times were drive throughs. Once to pick up a prescription at the pharmacy, the other to, selfishly, pick up an order at Best Buy, where a very nice gentleman wearing gloves gingerly set my purchase through the open window of the car on the passenger seat.

The third was at my daughter’s house, filling a flat tire, where the only contact was an elbow bump. Daughter number two came out to talk but stayed ten feet away. They’ve been trained well.

Introverts of the world, rise up! …at home …in private.

I’m an introvert. I prefer to avoid the public, as I find uncontrolled social interaction to be physically and mentally draining.

That’s not the part I’m struggling with.

What’s bothered me, lately, is a nagging sense deep in my lizard brain, that something is off. That feeling that there’s some task that needs immediate attention, but isn’t getting done. Except, you can’t find what that task is, you just have the uneasiness.


What I finally figured out was that the lizard brain was telling me that I needed to get, well, everything done.

I’m being given an amazing opportunity here, we all are. We’ve been given the opportunity to stay at home and be busy on the things that normally get shunted aside by “real life”. We can waste it on Netflix and video games and other unhelpful garbage, or we can use this time to GET THINGS DONE.

The path forward.

For me step one on this is to write. I write, I want to write, I can write. But I often struggle with writing. I can throw pages of emails at my coworkers without batting an eye, but sitting and writing a thousand words of fiction, towards any one of the dozen or so fully formed story arcs in my head, that’s impossible.

As someone recently told me, the only way to write is to write… every day.

So, behold, a blog. I write here for me, mostly, not for public consumption. I write here so that I have an outlet to write more, to think out loud, to get better at the actual action of writing what’s in my head.

The secondary bonus is that it’s given me a chance to learn Static Site Generators, in this case Hugo to generate this site.

No Wordpress, just good old fashioned flat HTML.

There are many, many things I will be making an effort to starting, to make this time less of a waste. This is the first.

I have no idea where this will lead, but this is my attempt to start being better at being productive instead of just consuming media.

Image: Opportunity by Nick YoungsonCC BY-SA 3.0 via Alpha Stock Images